Even as a late incomer, already 7 months pregnant, i was warmly welcomed from the team and got quickly in contact with my midwife
From the first meeting i felt in good hands and that this birth house was the right choice
After a couple of appointments the time flew by and it was already birthing day, i had the whole morning already contact with my midwife and she was very supportive and helpful to let me know when to come in. Arrival in the afternoon and the contractions already stronger, I was offered to start in the bathtub as i was already 5-6 cm. I felt a great release knowing that I’m in the birthing house and my midwife has my back. After a while we switched to the room as I got to warm in the tub. Eva guided me through different positions and i could fully surrender to the birthing process, which was a great experience. After a while a second midwife came for support and together with the power of woman we opened my hip space more and at 23.44 my little angel was born. Iam more than grateful to have had such and amazing support system with the very gentle yet knowledgeable midwives and felt in good hands at all times. I wouldn’t change a moment of this whole experience and can only recommend giving birth that way, it’s a beautiful body mind and soul connection, way away from the sterile and cold hospital environment, into the warm, wild, intuitive and way

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